About Institute

The Institute of Wood Sciences and Furniture has been established on October 1, 2019, based on the existing Faculty of Wood Technology of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. As part of the reorganization adapting to the requirements of Act 2.0, there was a structural separation of scientific and didactic functions. The Institute has taken over the many years of experience and achievements of the Faculty in the field of science and cooperation with industry with a determination and hope for the continuation of good traditions, practices and contacts as well as further stable development. The Institute of Wood Sciences and Furniture together with the Institute of Forest Sciences co-create and represent the discipline: forest sciences.


Visit of French scientists realizing NAWA PHC Polonium project 

On 20.09. – 03.10.2021 the Institute of Wood Sciences and Furniture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW hosted two scientists from the Joint research unit UPPA / CNRS – Institute of analytical sciences and physical chemistry for the environment and materials (IPREM), Mont de Marsan, France. They were: dr. Eduardo Robles and dr. Arsène Bikoro Bi Athomo

Together with the team coordinated on the Polish side by dr. hab. eng. Grzegorz Kowaluk, prof. SGGW, scientists carried out the next stage of the research project co-financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange as part of the PHC Polonium call, consisting in the production of lignocellulosic composites with binders of natural origin. 

The project aims to provide knowledge about the phenomena accompanying joining wood with biopolymers of different origins, processing stage, base, and the influence of the characteristics of biopolymers and their blends on the properties of the produced lignocellulosic layered composites. 

dr. Arsène Bikoro Bi Athomo
dr. Eduardo Robles